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Meet Lily Schnitzius


Throughout my career, I’ve used every self tanner and was an avid member of tanning salons. I have always been obsessed with having the perfect glow. Over the years I have been wanting to give others the experience I have found for myself. To give others the same glow but in a safe manner with the best products out there.


Having a sun kissed glow should not be associated with negative consequences. With Airglow you can feel your best without the risk. Airglow is solely a mobile business, offering the luxury of getting a sun kissed glow in the privacy of your own home, hotel room, or office. I am lucky to offer clean products that are even safe for expectant mothers.


We are all busy, but how great to not have to plan your whole day around your spray tan, instead we come to you. I’m here to help women look their best within their own skin.

We are mobile!

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